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M 408D - Syllabus - M408D, Calculus (II) Unique number:...

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M408D, Calculus (II) Unique number: 59305, 59310, 59315 Meets TTh 8-9:30, ECJ 1.202 Instructor: Gil Ariel, RLM 11.164, x1-1167, [email protected] Teaching assistant : Nick Rauh, RLM 9.112, x5-9521, [email protected] Web page: www.math.utexas.edu/users/ariel Office Hours : Gil: Mon: 10-12, after class or by appointment. Nick: To be announced. Textbook : Calculus, fifth addition, by James Stewart Prerequisites : M408C or equivalent with a grade of at least C. If you do not meet these requirements you will be automatically dropped from the course. It is extremely important you are proficient in taking derivatives and integrating. In particular, make sure you remember how to use the chain rule, the substitution rule for integration and integration by parts. Syllabus : I will mostly stay close to the syllabus suggested by the math department, available at http://www.ma.utexas.edu/dev/math/Courses/F06Syllabi/M408D.html Homework : Weekly problem sets due on Wednesday, a week after it was
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