ASE 333T - About the Journal

ASE 333T - About the Journal - Reading & Writing...

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ASE 333T- Fall 2008 WHAT : Journal assignments will include, but not be limited to, critical responses to readings, reflective pieces, self-evaluation commentaries, and short formal writing assignments. You will turn your journal in 3 times throughout the semester for evaluation and a fourth and final time at the end of the semester for a grade worth 15% of your grade for the course. You will need a 3-ring binder . WHY : As I said in class on Wednesday, the only way that anyone gets better at writing is to write, and write often, and write a lot. To write, get feedback, revise, write some more, reflect and think critically about your writing process and that of others, write some more, practice evaluating your own writing critically, write and revise some more, read models of effective writing, write, think about readings critically, write, get feedback, revise, and write some more……. . You get the point. The overarching goals for the journal are: to give you multiple opportunities to write and get feedback, so that you can improve your writing skills before you turn in major projects
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ASE 333T - About the Journal - Reading & Writing...

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