ASE 333T - Discussion Section Rough Draft

ASE 333T - Discussion Section Rough Draft - Flawed Design...

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Flawed Design The layout of the hydraulic lines and the wiring in the nacelle created unexpected wear and tear on the hydraulic lines as the rotors rotated from the vertical to horizontal position and vice versa. Over time this wear and tear caused the lines to weaken and eventually fracture releasing the hydraulic fluid at a high pressure into the nacelle. There was an attempt to correct the design by completely rebuilding the nacelle and allowing more clearance for the hydraulic lines. However after this attempt to right the flawed design there were still hydraulic failures of the same nature as before. Thus the reconstruction of the system was unsuccessful and it should once again be redesigned. To start on this redesign of the hydraulic system there needs to be investigative work into the more recent ruptures in the lines and then they should be compared to ruptures in the older design. This analysis should clear up a way to approach the new design. Either some minor adjustments need to be made or a complete overhaul of the entire hydraulics system needs to take place based on the comparison of the ruptures in the two designs. A completely different design will call for a major altering in some aspects of the current design. Some suggests if a complete overhaul is needed would be to lower the pressure of the fluid in the lines, and or strengthen all of the hydraulic lines in the system or just in the high stress areas. These suggestions will be looked into further later in the report. As of now though to prevent
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ASE 333T - Discussion Section Rough Draft - Flawed Design...

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