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ASE 333T - Individual Presentation Topic Summary

ASE 333T - Individual Presentation Topic Summary - involved...

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Drew Rosecrans Section: 11 am Individual Topic Summary October 31 Topic Summary The Design Build Fly competition that the department is in every year, and what an aerospace engineer really does. Presentation Objective To enlighten my audience into what it is like to be an aerospace engineer and how fun it can be to participate in the Design Build Fly competition Introduction Hello I am Drew Rosecrans and I am pursuing a degree in aerospace engineering here at the University of Texas. I have always been interested in engineering like I assume most of you have been. I have leaned toward aeronautics though because of my interest in helicopters and airplanes. I am talking you here today to introduce you into what aerospace engineering really is and I am going to do this by describing a program here at the university that I have been
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Unformatted text preview: involved in. Main Points • Design Build Fly • Excellent Aerospace Program • Excellent Faculty Key Concepts • Show them a taste of the calculations that they will encounter • Describe all of the things you can do with a degree in aerospace • Demonstrate how fun it can be to participate in Design Build Fly Motivating the Audience to Listen I will motive the audience to listen to me by being as informal as I can while still keeping that professionalism that is required, and by periodically throwing something periodically interesting into my presentation. Keeping the Audience’s Attention I will use the design process of the aircraft to keep the interest of my audience. There are a few things that I can show that I think would keep the interest of anyone....
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