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Hello everyone, today I have some great news. We have found the new member of our team, and here he is. His name is Elliot Rosen and he has come to us from the great university of Texas at Austin with a bachelor’s degree in aerospace engineering. We can always use more of those likable aerospace engineers. Not only did Mr. Rosen come from one of the top ten aerospace programs in the nation, he also throughout his college career gained much more experience off campus. He already has knowledge of the industry through an internship at the Johnson space center in Houston, Texas. He also gained a better understanding of how to design and present a project at the X-Prize Pete Conrad Award competition. He was the leader of a team that
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Unformatted text preview: developed a conceptual cleaning unit for a colony on the Moon and then he presented the product to engineering companies throughout the country. Also at the West Texas BEST competition Elliot learned more about design and implementation techniques by constructing and operating his team’s robot. With all of his knowledge and experience combined Elliot will be a valuable asset to the team. Also I think that all of you will come to like Elliot. He is a nice person and will do wonders for our team. If you have any questions for him I am sure he will be glad to answer them, but try not to bombard him on the first day. I can’t wait to start working with him....
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