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ASE 333T - Journal Assignment Sept. 12 - important thing...

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I have learned that my resume is quite weak. First of all I am missing my address at the top of the page, which is actually a very important part of the resume. I will most certainly add that to my revision. Also the font seems to be too big on my topics; it overpowers the other parts on the page. On my revision I will use the same font size on the entire body, but I will bold the topics to make them stand out. Another thing that I should have noticed before because it looks tacky is where I listed all of the years that I worked over the summer instead of giving them in a range. A major part of what my resume is missing is the section about my education. All that I have under it is that I am a second year aerospace major and that I tested out of 25 college credit hours. I need to have information on my degree plan, expected graduation date, and important classes that I am taking. Probably the most
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Unformatted text preview: important thing though is to rearrange the jumbled mess of my extracurricular activities. It is a little difficult to read and understand in the way that it is arranged, but I am going to reorganize it and move some things around. The information about me going to Toulouse, France for a semester is in the extracurricular activities when it should be in the education part of the body. Also I need to give better descriptions of what all of my activities are. If someone is reading my resume and they don't know what something is they are going to disregard it because I will not be there to explain to them what it is. So I have to put it on the resume. The one thing that is strong about my resume is the information that I am able to put on it. I have all of the correct ideas I just have not expressed them in the correct manner....
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