ASE 333T - Memo due Sept. 8

ASE 333T - Memo due Sept. 8 - Mr. Shackleford’s role as a...

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To: Elisabeth Long, Supervisor Cc: Catherine Wadbrook, CEO From: Drew Rosecrans, Head Engineer Section: 11am (13670) Date: September 8, 2008 Subject: Elliot Rosen for the design team After a long search for the perfect person for the open position on the design team, I found him. He is very well qualified and has multiple strong attributes that he can bring to our team. He graduated from the University of Texas at Austin with a bachelor’s degree in aerospace engineering. We could use another person of his discipline on the team. Also the University of Texas has a very reputable aerospace program, so you know that he will be ready for the tasks at hand. He gained leadership experience in the X-Prize Pete Conrad award competition where he lead his team in the development of a conceptual cleaning unit for a colony on the Moon. At this competition he pulled his team together and kept them on task. No one has stepped up to fill in
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Unformatted text preview: Mr. Shackleford’s role as a co-leader of this team after he left, but I know that Mr. Rosen with his experience would quickly take on that responsibility. He has technical knowledge that comes from his participation in the West Texas BEST competition where he actually constructed and operated his team’s robot in the competition. His ability to design, program, and operate this robot shows his great skill and knowledge of engineering. He gained knowledge of teamwork at an internship at the NASA Johnson Space Center. While working there he learned that it takes the coordination of a vast number of people to get anything done right and fast. That is the kind of mindset that we need on our team. All in all Mr. Rosen will bring leadership, technical, and design knowledge to this team if he is chosen to join it. He will be a vital asset and I will be grateful to have him on our side....
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