ASE 333T - Neither Connexus or Polaris

ASE 333T - Neither Connexus or Polaris - to put on my...

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Neither Connexus or Polaris impressed me. They both were not very customizable. I understand that customizing your resume is not the point of an online resume but a little bit of freedom would have been nice. Both of them had clear cut guidelines to follow, which I didn't really like. Sometimes they were confusing or they did not fit exactly to what you would like to enter into your resume. I choose Connexus because Polaris mainly focused on projects that you had completed and as of now I have not completed any projects of importance. If I had completed at least two projects worth mentioning I most likely would have picked Polaris because the listing for projects seemed nice, but if weren't a part of any projects it seemed pointless to use it. Connexus fitted more to what I have done and what I wanted
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Unformatted text preview: to put on my resume. I liked how on Connexus it took you step by step to complete a "learning experience," but sometimes vague guidelines did not always fit to what you had to say. Some questions were not applicable, or you would have liked to format the style that they were set up a little differently to fit your needs. This is where Connexus fell short. It did not allow for any customization at all. It didn't even really make it clear on how it was going to format it after you were done filling in all of the questions. That also would have been nice to know. I have still not been able to get my resume they way I would like it. With trial and error I might finally be able to finish my resume, but it shouldn't be like that....
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