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ASE 333T - Plagiarism Homework - paraphrase. Which I...

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In high school they also took plagiarism very seriously. We did the same kind of thing that we are doing right now in your class, reading about plagiarism and learning how not to do it. We had to cite all of our sources correctly or we would be deducted serious points. Not serious enough to have to fail the class or anything that harsh though. I had never known that the university took plagiarism serious enough to maybe expel someone. I will definitely double check all of my cites and quotations. This exercise broadened my existing knowledge on plagiarism. It gave a more precise definition of plagiarism to me. I also learned the difference between a summary and a
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Unformatted text preview: paraphrase. Which I thought were basically the same thing. I also learned that if I ever have a doubt about something being plagiarism I will come and ask you just to clarify. Plain and simple plagiarism is stealing. You are stealing someone's work or words. When it is put like that it is easier to understand I think. At first I didn't think that it was such a big deal, but after I realized that it is the same as stealing I changed my mind because I would never steal from someone. It is easy to over look this fact and not worry about plagiarism, but in the end if you plagiarize you are a thief....
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