ASE 333T - Project Completion Report Final Draft

ASE 333T - Project Completion Report Final Draft - To...

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To: Catherine Wadbrook, First-Year Orientation Coordinator From: Drew Rosecrans Section: 11am Date: December 12, 2008 Subject: The Importance of Engineering Communications Effective communication skills are necessary to be a successful engineer. If an engineer is not able to effectively communicate with others then his or her work would be pointless. If no one can understand what you have done then it will not be put to any use. It is nearly impossible for one person alone to design a product and put it into production. Almost all engineers work on teams in industry, and it is necessary to be able to communicate within that team. If a team cannot communicate then the team is ineffective, and nothing good will come from it. In ASE 333T I have learned many ways to effectively communicate and I feel that these skills will be very helpful to me in the future. Not only in other classes, but also after graduating they will be useful in my career as an engineer. Throughout the semester in ASE 333T there were many assignments that allowed me to grow as a writer and improve on my skills. Also not only did I learn how to write effectively, but I also learned how to efficiently present information orally and visually, as in a presentation. There are some specific tasks that I completed throughout the semester that each aided a certain skill of mine. Now I would like to go on about these specific tasks in more detail and relate them to how they are going to help me prosper as an engineer. The first presentation we were assigned had a prompt that said each of us were the leaders of a design team and we had the task of introducing a new member to the team. This exercise was not only to help us with our presentation skills, but also our interviewing skills as we were told to question the new member of the team, a classmate, to find facts about him or her
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to put in the introduction. Plus the assignment allowed us to get to know our classmates better. Being the first presentation of the course it will also serve as a point to gauge for the following presentations. After having interviewed my partner, Elliot, I practiced very briefly for the presentation and thought that I had it down. After the presentation was over I felt good about how it had gone, even though I slipped up at the end of it. I received my feedback from the presentation and learned that I had not done as well as I had thought. Starting off with the positive feedback, I maintained good eye contact, started and ended with a good pace, and finished within the allotted time. Some of the negative feedback was that I over used filler words, and swayed back and forth as I stood in front of the class. I learned that there is no such thing as too much practice. If I would have practiced more it would have lowered the presence of filler words, and the swaying. If I had practiced more I would not have been searching for what to say
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ASE 333T - Project Completion Report Final Draft - To...

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