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ASE 333T - Research Steps

ASE 333T - Research Steps - Found multiple articles on...

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Thought about what to search for and wanted to search for aircraft failures Used the research tools on Blackboard and searched for aircraft failures on Find an Article Found an interesting topic, software failures Searched aircraft software failures on same search engine Found another interesting topic, software problems in a Chinook crash I wanted to narrow it down so I decided to focus on helicopters Went to Wikipedia to try and find some sources, searched helicopter software failures The V-22 Osprey incident caught my eye even though it wasn’t a software failure Searched the V-22 Osprey on Wikipedia
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Unformatted text preview: Found multiple articles on multiple incidents with the V-22 Osprey (one of my topics) Searched Software failures in helicopters on google Broadened search to all helicopter crashes on google Searched helicopter crash on Blackboard research tools find an article Thought about narrowing search topic, mechanical failures of helicopters Searched mechanical failures of helicopters on google Decided to limit search to tail rotor failures, searched google for specific tail rotor failures Found an article about tail rotor failures...
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