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Drew Rosecrans 11 am Response to “Will travail for pabulum” September 3 Overwrought Language Jones makes a very good point in his article “Will travail for pabulum.” I agree with him in the sense that writing is an art. You cannot just throw a bunch of big words together to make your sentence better, or just use a thesaurus and change every other verb. Good writing is easily understood, but also it makes the reader get into it. It uses a combination of different sentence lengths and structure, and plus the right words at the right time. I know that I don’t like reading something that uses big words just to find out that it means something very simple. I too have used the electronic thesaurus to try and pretty up an assignment and Jones is right you have to be careful and reread your paper to make sure that it still makes
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Unformatted text preview: sense. Sometimes though “overwrought language” can be used to prove a point or to put emphasis on certain things. My first example is from “V for Vendetta” and it uses many words that are not commonly known just to try and get as many words to start with the letter “V” as possible. This makes the sentence much harder to understand, but it is interesting because of the way it sounds when read aloud, and it fits into the movie because the character’s name is V. My other example is from “The Matrix Revolutions” and it use sentence fragments that make the passage choppy and doesn’t sound normal when read aloud. This use of fragments makes listening to this passage annoying, but in its place in the movie it serves a purpose....
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