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ASE 333T - Self-Evaluation of Individual Proposal

ASE 333T - Self-Evaluation of Individual Proposal - Drew...

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Drew Rosecrans Section: 11 am Self-Evaluation of Individual Proposal November 1 Nobody’s Perfect 1. I did not receive any positive feedback, but from what was not commented on I can infer what I was most successful on. A positive part of my proposal was the relevant information that I included inside it. Of course I thought that I had included relevant information in my proposal that is a given, but I didn’t think that it would be the one of the greatest strengths of it. Another thing that from the lack of positive feedback I inferred was that my logical organization of ideas was a strength. Once again I had expected this to be a good part of my proposal, but not one of the top two strengths. I thought that my sense of purpose and audience was going to be a top strength of my proposal. I felt really good about it when I turned it in, but according to my feedback I lacked in that department of my paper. 2. I did not realize it as I was writing my paper, but it was mentioned in the feedback that I had not distinctly explain what I meant by the original investigation and the investigation that I proposed to do. In future proposals I will definitely make it a point to go deeper and describe how the two investigations will differ. In general I think that I need to be more specific in my entire proposal. The second area in which my proposal lacked was either in word choice or my mechanics. They are both equally bad but I am going to have to go with word choice because it is more important to the proposal. Next time I need to read through my final draft more carefully to find all of these places where I used weak words and where I made my sentences too wordy. It would also be very helpful to have one of my peers read over my final paper.
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