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ASE 333T - Skills Resources Self-Assessment

ASE 333T - Skills Resources Self-Assessment - people’s...

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Drew Rosecrans Section: 11am Skills/Resources Self-Assessment October 17, 2008 Strengths and Weaknesses of Teamwork A skill that I will bring to the table is the ability to stay on topic. I routinely find myself checking to see if I am still on topic, mainly with my writing. So I will be able to make sure that we as a team in our meetings and in our report will always be on topic and not wonder off the path. I also will have everything done that I am responsible for by or before the due date, nothing will be late. I also would be a good moderator between disagreements, disputes, or in just coming to a consensus. I usually find myself in this position among my friends, so I have some practice at it. As for my weaknesses I think that I am not a very good idea man. I can reshape other
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Unformatted text preview: people’s ideas, but usually I can’t come up with anything good on my own. Also I sometimes find it hard to stay on task, but when I work on a team I feel more obligated to the other members and it normally motivates me to work harder, knowing that they are counting on me. So I will constantly remind myself that others are counting on me and that should help me overcome this weakness. Last but not least I am not too good at searching for references. I have a hard time on deciding what to search and where to search for it. If someone on my team is a good searcher I believe that I could learn from him or her and maybe turn my weakness into a strength....
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