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ASE 333T - Team Project Packet - ASE 333T- Fall 2008 Team...

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ASE 333T- Fall 2008 Team Project Packet Team Projects From this point on in the course, in addition to your remaining individual assignments, you will be working with 3 or 4 other students as a team. Here is the scenario: Recently, our clients requested project proposals about engineering failures/accidents that warrant further investigation because of the importance of the potential and/or actual “lessons learned”. The individual proposals have been submitted, and after reviewing them, our clients will select the finalists. The abstracts of the selected proposals will be posted on Bb by Wednesday, 10/15 at 10 am. Read through the abstracts and decide which projects you’d most like to work on. By Thursday, 10/16 at noon , send an email to your supervisors (Elisabeth and me) with your top 3 picks. List the title of each project and write 2-3 sentences for each pick explaining why you would like to work on this particular project, and what you would bring to the project team. (Please see PHRG pp.54-55 for guidelines on email communications.) Teams will be assigned in class on 10/17 . Our clients have provided us with additional requirements and specifications for the investigative projects. Each requirement is explained in detail in subsequent pages of this packet. Below is the schedule of major events and due dates relating to this project. All of the major team requirements and due dates are below. Please note that other activities (such as peer review, audience analysis, etc.), in-class exercises, individual presentations and writing assignments are not included on this list. Collaboration Contracts (team earns the same grade, part of participation grade) Rough Drafts Due : 5 pm Monday, 10/20 , post on Bb Final Drafts (including signatures) Due : Monday, 10/27 Project Proposal (team earns the same grade) Final Draft Due : Monday, 10/27 Team Conference With Elisabeth (30 minutes) 10/27 through 10/31 Written Progress Report (team earns the same grade) Final Draft Due: Monday, 11/17 Oral Project Briefings (part of participation grade) Be ready any time!! Team Presentations (grade earned is a combination of team and individual grade) 12/1, 12/3 and 12/5 Final Report (team earns the same grade) Rough Draft Due : Monday, 11/17 Final Draft Due : Friday, 12/5 -1-
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ASE 333T- Fall 2008 Team Project Packet Collaboration Contracts Use what you have learned from your readings, in-class exercises and discussions to create a collaboration contract for your team. At a minimum this document should include SPECIFIC procedures, practices and expectations for: Team Member Roles and Responsibilities FTF Meetings Online Work Communications Goal setting and scheduling Decision-making processes (include processes for amending the contract) Record-keeping (your team is required to keep records of what you have done for a project audit by the project manager) Dealing with Conflict (esp., what to do if team members miss deadlines, meetings and/or do
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ASE 333T - Team Project Packet - ASE 333T- Fall 2008 Team...

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