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To: Team Members of Sugar Water Purple Cc: Catherine Wadbrook, Elizabeth Long From: Drew Rosecrans Section: 11am Date: November 16, 2008 Subject: Presentation Strengths and Weaknesses I am still working on becoming a better presenter. I have improved in some aspects of my presentation skills. For example I have learned to think quicker on my feet and to have better eye contact. Some strengths that I possess for presentations would be that I kept an appropriate pace throughout the whole presentation. This is important to make sure that the presentation does not go over the allotted time. Also I have good eye contact. In my first presentation I did not have as good of eye contact, but I improved on my second presentation and now I believe that I can consider it a strength. Also I have been told that I create a strong opening and ending. Which is important to first engage the interest of the audience and then to make sure that they leave the presentation with the information that you wish them to carry away. Weaknesses that I have noticed range from swaying back and forth to using verbal fillers. I shift
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