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EUS 113 - Syllabus - EUS 113 Introduction to Study Abroad...

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EUS 113 Introduction to Study Abroad in Europe Fall 2008 Meets: T 5-6 p.m. in PAR 308 Instructor: Prof. Kit Belgum; EPS 3.164; [email protected] ; 232-6375 Description: This one-hour course provides a brief introduction to European politics, culture, and contemporary society for students planning to study abroad in Europe within the next year. The course consists of presentations on eight (8) different European countries by faculty from UT’s Center for European Studies and international students. Each faculty presenter will provide a brief overview of some element of a country’s history, society, contemporary politics, and/or culture that he or she considers useful for an undergraduate who is planning to spend a semester or more abroad. The faculty presentations will include central current issues, including some controversial ones and the final 20 minutes of those class periods will be devoted to discussion about that country. Because the course is predominantly structured around presentations and student
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