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M 427L: Advanced Calculus for Applications II Unique number : 58895 Meeting time and place : T,Th 9:30-11:00 RLM 4.102 Professor : Sean Keel, RLM 9.130, 471-3126 My OFce hours : M, Tu 8:30 - 9:30 TA : Kris Clabes, RLM 12.132, 475-8687, kclabes@math.utexas.edu TA OFce Hours : Tu,Th 2:30-5:00 Text : Vector Calculus, fFth edition, by Marsden and Tromba Course outline and Schedule : Chapters 1-3, with the exception oF matrices, are largely review From 408D and will be treated very quickly. The central Focus oF the course will be on chapters 4–8, with the main goal oF understanding Stoke’s Theorem, the generalisation to higher dimensions oF the Fundamental theorem oF calculus. I recommend you get a book on linear algebra – a basic idea oF the course, not well treated in our text, is that an n × m matrix is the same thing as a linear Function R m R n . Grading
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Unformatted text preview: : I will suggest homework problems each day From the text, but these will be neither collected nor graded, rather there will be a quiz on similar material, once a week, in lab. Together the quizzes will account For 25 percent oF the grade. You will be allowed to drop two quiz scores. In addition there will be three midterms on the Following dates: Sept. 25, Nov 6, and Dec. 4, each oF which will account For 25 percent oF the fnal grade. These will be multiple choice, scan-tron exams, graded by the computer. Practical Remarks : The most reliable ways oF communicating with me are to talk just aFter, or beFore, class, or to come to oce hours. You can also try calling my oce. IF you want short-term Feed back I advise against email, as it will likely be a week or more beFore I read it....
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