ME 326 - Errors in Textbook

ME 326 - Errors in Textbook - ERRATA Schmidt, Ezekoye,...

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ERRATA Schmidt, Ezekoye, Howell and Baker, Thermodynamics: An Integrated Learning System , 1 st 9-3-2008 Page 9: Example 1.3, last line, units in conversion factor in numerator should be Page 16: HW Problem 1.7, on the Figure, add units on P ATM to read P ATM = 1.0 MPa. Page 34: HW Problem 2.3, “110 kM” should read “110 km” Page 35: HW Problem 2.8, should read “Find the specific work (ft-lbf/lbm)…” Page 45: Line below Eq. (3.4), should be x = m v /m : Page 65: Prob. 3.32, remove the words “but do not assume constant specific heats.” Page 80: In Example 4.4, in the equation for v OUT , replace 1.0052 with 1.0452, and replace the final result 239.1 m/s with 263.0 m/s. Page 121: In the Table heading under Property Data, replace T( o C) with T(K). Pages 121 and 122: To avoid confusion, replace the limits on the integrals of δ Q NET,REV so that they read . Page 134: Figure for TN Example 6.4.1, replace “P e = 1.013 MPa” with “P OUT = 0.1013 MPa”; this will also be changed on THERMONET. The solution on THERMONET uses the corrected value. Also, on inlet values in figure, replace i subscript with IN subscript. Page 140: Replace Prob. 6.28 with revised problem. Should read: “Air enters a diffuser at 200 o F and 1.0 at, with a velocity of 500 ft/s and exhausts at 1.1 atm. What will the exhaust temperature
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ME 326 - Errors in Textbook - ERRATA Schmidt, Ezekoye,...

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