2.23.History.Notes - the 1920's the return to normalcy...

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2/23/11 world war 1 and the end of the progfessivism decline of the progressive movement postwar unrest great migration and racial violence World war 1 saw many african americans move out of the south into the north. industry was up north and war made it easy to find jobs. north not as segragated as the south. african american were not allowed in working unions. race riots start. chicago had the biggest riot. kid drowns because he was stoned by whites. labor unrest strikes and what not. Charles schwab, steel mill owner? first red scare plamer raids strikes back about immigrant radicals. they are rounded up and deported. faliure of wilson's internationalism: the league of nations america does not join the league of nations. wilson has a stroke in his turn and becomes enaffective
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Unformatted text preview: the 1920's: the return to normalcy? harding said this. he means a return to conservatism. income tax cut. smaller government. trying to create a business friendly environment. modernism different groups starting to show individualism and many people becoming big consumers. the "new woman" makeup on women who weren't prostitutes. birth control spreading. new ideas toward womens sexuality. increasing premarital sex. 32% claim to be virgins at mariage in 1920's. Flappers colleen moore. would party it up. a who cares attitude, very different than the norm. youth culture car ownership became broader the charleston dating parking the car and "necking" the "new Negro" harlem renaissance langston hughes and claude mckay Jazz...
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2.23.History.Notes - the 1920's the return to normalcy...

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