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3.30.History.Notes - The1950's March30,2011 1950's...

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The 1950's March 30, 2011 1950's Prosperity 1939 vs. 1959 - Suburbanization, Indoor plumbing electricity tv becomes neccessity, More college students, 1939 characterized by depression, Baby Boom - More kids are had than before this time after WWII, can't be just explained by the end of the war, maybe also economic boom too as it continues, went to college in the 1960's, retiring now, PIC instant anti recession they will start buying things, Business Growth - talking about GE how it grew from the light bulb, now talking about GM something about how pres. GM was appointed in office by pres. of US, Comglomerations Business/Labor Harmony - business cares more about workers, give more time off and maybe they will be better workers, work for the same company all your life, get your pension from your employer, Progressive Taxation - top tax bracket is 91% through the decade, no one is getting ridiculously wealthy because of this, "Kitchen Debate" - PIC truman and krushcav (pres of USSR) debate over the standard of living, uses this average prosperity as a cold war weapon,
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