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Instead of 3rd writing there is going to be a quiz on blackboard over the book. Going to be over major topics. Should be easy April 6, 2011 Early Civil Rights Movement, cont. School Desegregation: Little Rock Orval Faubus - Govenor of Arkansas, running for reelection and is going to resist desegregation to try to get reelected, used national guard to try and keep blacks out of the school, didn't end poorly, media was there, we have pictures, Faubus looks like a hero, troops have to escort blacks to school everyday, Faubus at one point shuts down the public schools, Montgomery Bus Boycott (1955) - took a supreme court ruling to desegregate the buses, bus company did not do it itself, Rosa Parks - member of NAACP, back of the bus thing was not a planned action, Martin Luther King - new on the scene at the time, Southern Christan Leadership Conference (SCLC) John F. Kennedy - More sympathetic to the civil rights movement, LBJ also suprisingly sympathetic, Cold War liberal - A nice change comes with Kennedy,
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Unformatted text preview: Foreign Policy: Flexible Response - Most interested in foreign policy over domestic, Cuban Missile Crisis (1962) - castro declared cuba communist, starts affiliating with USSR, USSR is going to put missiles in cuba that can reach the US, Kennedy makes a naval blockade around cuba so the missiles cannot reach cuba, trade off because US takes missiles out of Turkey, kennedy comes out of this with a 90% approval rating, came very close to world war 3, the missiles would have been launched if kennedy did anything else, 1960's Civil Rights Movement- civil rights movement is embarassing kennedy to USSR, Sit-ins: Greensboro, Feb, 1960 - blacks sit at the counter asking to be served, they don't serve them because its against there policy, but the blacks don't leave, Student Non-violent Coordinating Committee (SNCC) - non violent direct action to get point across, Freedom Rides (1961) Birmingham, AL Bull Connor March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom (1963)...
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