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April 13, 2011 Race Relations in the Late 1960's, cont. Black Power - clenched fist up in the air, two black olympians did it on the stand and got stripped of their medals (pic), Black Panther Party for Self Defense - no more passive efforts, need to arm ourselves, said they would kill police if they police kill any more blacks, Huey Newton - leader in LA I believe, seen carrying guns around the streets, legal in Cali at the time, Fred Hampton - leader in another city (in the north i believe), was shot and killed in his sleep by the police, Race Relations Outside the South Watts - watts neighbor hood in LA erupts into a riot, lasts for 5 days, worst riot at the time, more riots came though, MLK in Chicago - 1966 I believe he goes to chi city, needed to go to the north because in the south they would call him an uncle tom because they wanted to use violence, leads march through white neighborhoods, its one thing to say that yes segragation is wrong but its another thing when MLK comes marching through your nieghborhood,
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