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The Conservative Turn in American Politics May 2, 2011 The Conservative Movement - columunize in the election of ronald reagan, before this even conservatives consider reagan as a extremist, Strategies 1) Organize 2) Soften Conservatism's Image 3) Simplify the Message - simplify the message that appeals to the masses (lower taxes are always a good thing, private industry is more efficient than gov't, regulation always puts a damper on economy), they offer these slogans to americans, 4) Galvanizing Issues - someone took away tax cuts to private schools that remained segreagated??? this hurt the christians???
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Unformatted text preview: 5) Unifying Figure - ronald reagan is that figure, Anti-elitism - they say that liberal democrats are the elitists, Different Strands of Conservatism 1) Libertarians 2) Neoconservatives - used to be liberals mostly, generaly a small group, not as conservative as libertarians, 3)Christian Right Jerry Falwell: Moral Majority - says america is becoming a very imoral society, says that liberalism has tried to destroy good christian family values, Televangelists - started using technology to broaden their reach, 4) Silent Majority "Reagan Democrats"...
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