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ASE 366K - Example Final - Spacecraft Dynamics Final Exam...

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Spacecraft Dynamics Final Exam ASE 366K Prof. G. Lightsey 14 May 2009 Name: This test is closed book. No notes or materials may be used during this test except the 5 provided reference sheets (double sided) that have been handed out separately. A pocket calculator is permitted. Any other forms of electronic devices (cell phones, etc.) are not allowed. Review the entire test package. This booklet should be 24 pages long. If you have an incomplete package, see the instructor for a replacement. Please use the space provided in the test package to derive solutions and box all answers for clarity. Full credit can only be awarded if the method of solution is understandable. You may use the front and back side of each sheet in the booklet to write solutions if needed. If additional paper is required, extra blank sheets will be provided by the instructor on request. The instructor will have a stapler so that all sheets may be attached at the end of the exam. There are 5 problems on this exam. The duration of the test is 180 minutes. Good luck! 1
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O u t e r G i m b a l I n n e r G i m b a l P l a t f o r m ( f i x e d ) R o t o r ( r o t a t e s ) Figure 1: Problem 1. Notional Gyroscope with Gimbals (example). Problem 1. (20 points) The direction that a gyroscope’s rotor ( R ) points is related to the platform ( P ) to which it is attached by the following rotation sequence. First, the rotor spins through angle
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ASE 366K - Example Final - Spacecraft Dynamics Final Exam...

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