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ASE 366K - Problem Set 2

ASE 366K - Problem Set 2 - ASE 366K Problem Set#2 Posting...

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ASE 366K Problem Set #2 Posting Date : September 9, 2009 Due Date : September 17, 2009 Turn in homework at the beginning of class. If you have any doubts about your ability to make it to class on time, you may turn in your problem solutions by sliding them under my office door (WRW 411C) the day before they are due. Be prepared to answer any of these problems—or similar problems—on an upcoming exam. You may discuss your solutions with classmates, but do not swap work. Only one of the homework problems, chosen at random, (or one part of one problem, if that part is sufficiently involved) will be graded thoroughly. The grade given to the homework set will be based primarily on this problem. The other problems will be graded on a credit/no-credit basis depending on whether a solution was attempted. (1) In lecture we defined the force acting on the i th particle due to the other n - 1 particles in the n -body problem as f i = G n X j =1 ,j 6 = i m i m j r 3 ij ( r j - r i ) (1)
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