ASE 366K - Syllabus

ASE 366K - Syllabus - ASE 366K Spacecraft Dynamics Fall...

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THE UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS AT AUSTIN Department of Aerospace Engineering and Engineering Mechanics ASE 366K Spacecraft Dynamics Fall 2009 SYLLABUS Unique Number: 13660 Instructor: Dr. Todd E. Humphreys Office: WRW 411C, Phone: 471-4489 Email: [email protected] Office hours: Tuesday, 2:00-3:30 Time: TTH, 11:00-12:30 Location: WRW 102 Teaching Assistant.: Drew Jones and Muthukumar Pasupathy Office: WRW 412A (Drew) and WRW 411A (Muthukumar) Email: [email protected]  and  [email protected] Office hours: Monday and Wednesday, 2-3 pm Web Page: CATALOG DESCRIPTION Basic satellite and spacecraft motion, orbital elements, coordinate systems and transformations; basic three- dimensional spacecraft attitude dynamics. COURSE OBJECTIVES At the conclusion of this course, each student should be able to: Mathematically describe the basic motion of satellites and planets. o Derive the general solution to the two-body problem from first principles. o Describe an orbit in terms of its orbital elements o Propagate an orbit. List and mathematically describe basic orbital maneuvers. Explain the theory of patched conics for describing the motion of spacecraft in the Earth-Moon system and for interplanetary trajectories. Perform a planetary flyby calculation. Express a rigid-body attitude in terms of a direction-cosine matrix and Euler angles. PREREQUISITES EM 311M (Dynamics) and M 427K (Advanced Calculus for Applications I) with a grade of at least C in each. KNOWLEDGE, SKILLS, AND ABILITIES STUDENTS SHOULD HAVE BEFORE ENTERING THIS COURSE Ability to isolate the fundamental forces associated with particle dynamics; ability to write and solve the equations  of motion for problems with closed-form solutions; ability and motivation to investigate problems in a creative and  rigorous manner. 1
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KNOWLEDGE, SKILLS, AND ABILITIES STUDENTS GAIN FROM THIS COURSE A comprehensive understanding of the two-body problem and its solution, the representation of satellite orbits via  orbital elements, and knowledge of basic types of orbital maneuvers and their applications in spacecraft trajectory  control and navigation.  Students will also gain knowledge of introductory attitude dynamics: representation of the 
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ASE 366K - Syllabus - ASE 366K Spacecraft Dynamics Fall...

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