ME 140L - Lab 1 Instrument Guide

ME 140L - Lab 1 Instrument Guide - LAB 1 OSCILLOSCOPE,...

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OSCILLOSCOPE, FUNCTION GENERATOR, DC POWER SUPPLY, AND MULTIMETER 1. INTRODUCTION In this lab, you will learn how to make measurements of time-varying signals using a digital oscilloscope. A function generator will also be introduced as a signal source. The signals from the function generator will be used for practicing with some of the front-panel functions featured on this scope. These introductory exercises will focus on the periodic signals from the generator (sinusoid, square, triangular) in order to ensure that "reliable" signals are available for practicing with the scope. 2. OBJECTIVES ± Learn how to use a digital oscilloscope to make basic signal measurements. ± Learn how to use a function generator After completing the laboratory studies, you should be more comfortable with using both the oscilloscope and the function generator. It is not expected that this laboratory, in itself, will provide you with enough experience to tackle any measurement problem, but related laboratories will allow you to continue building your proficiency with this standard laboratory instrument. You should develop a good understanding of the basic functional components that make up the oscilloscope, and gain an appreciation for how the digital design provides enhanced measurement capability that would often not be found in analog scopes. There are some subtle trade-offs in using a digital scope, which we will discuss later in this course. 1 3. MECHATRONICS LABORATORY EQUIPMENT 3.1 POWER SUPPLY Electronic circuits need some power in order to work. The main purpose of a power supply is to provide enough current at a fixed voltage, in order to maintain the circuit working. Although this seems simple, DC power supplies are expensive, because DC voltage should have minimum noise. 1
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ME 140L - Lab 1 Instrument Guide - LAB 1 OSCILLOSCOPE,...

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