ME 140L - Lab 7 - your TA that the circuit works...

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LAB 7 BOOLEAN ALGEBRA - LOGIC GATES KARNAUGH MAPS & COMBINATIONAL LOGIC 1. OBJECTIVES s Understand the basic characteristics of logic gates. s Learn how to assemble combinational logic circuits. 2. LIST OF COMPONENTS AND EQUIPMENT REQUIRED List of Components s AND Gates: 7408 – 2 Input. s OR Gates: 7432 – 2 Input. s NOT Gates: 7404 s XOR Gates: 7486 s LED’s. s Hookup wire AWG # 22. s Switches: 4 input Dip switch Equipment required s ELVIS station. s Digital Multimeter s Breadboard. 3. HANDS ON. 3.1 VENDING MACHINE Build the combinational circuit that determines the first coin given as change. Use the logic circuit developed during your Prelab Assignment. Use switches as inputs and LED’s as outputs. Show
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Unformatted text preview: your TA that the circuit works accordingly. HOW TO CONNECT LEDs LEDs have polarity. The longer lead is connected to positive. You should also limit the amount of current flowing through the LED; in order to do that a resistor is connected in series with the LED. Use the following formula to find the value of the resistance: i V V R L S = V S : Power supply voltage (5 Volts) V L : LED Voltage (usually 2 Volts except for blue and white LEDs that use 4 Volts) i : Current (Usually 20 mA) CONNECTION DIAGRAMS 74LS04 NOT GATES 74LS08 AND GATES 74LS32 OR GATES 74LS86 EXOR GATES...
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ME 140L - Lab 7 - your TA that the circuit works...

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