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UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS Department of Mechanical Engineering ME 140L: MECHATRONICS LAB, Fall 2009 Unique # 18510, 18515, 18520, 18525, 18530, 18535, 18540, 18545, 18550 Labs in ETC 3.157: M*/T/W/Th (12-2, 3-5), Th (9-11) Lecture: W 11-12 (ETC 2.132) for Monday labs or F 11-12 (ECJ 1.202) for other labs Professor Glenn Y. Masada Office Hours ETC 4.144 471-3061 TTh 9:30-11 or by appt Teaching Assistants: Khoa Do, Steven Kreuzer, Sandeep Yayathi, Christine Mecklenborg OBJECTIVE : Provide hands-on experience in characterizing analog and digital components and in designing, building, and testing electrical analog and digital circuits. TENTATIVE SCHEDULE WEEK TOPICS Aug 23 No Lab Aug 30 LAB 1-Test measurement equipment : Oscilloscope, power supply, digital multimeter, function generator; Protoboard basics; Multisim circuit simulation Sep 6 LAB 2-Sensors : Light, temperature, magnetic, position, RPM , interfacing Sep 13 LAB 3 - Characterization of resistors, inductors, capacitors : Time and frequency domains; First-order systems—RC, RL circuits, passive filters; Comparison with mechanical systems Sep 20 LAB 4-Characterization of RLC circuits : Time and frequency domains; Second-order systems—series/parallel LRC circuits Sep 27 LAB 5-Op-amps : Summing amp, integrator, active filter, signal conditioning Oct 4 LAB 6-Diode and transistor characterization : Applications—bridge rectifiers, Oct 11 Exam 1 Oct 18 LAB 7-Logic gates : Karnaugh maps; Combinatorial circuits; Application— vending machine Oct 25 LAB 8-Basics of data acquisition : A/D, D/A conversion: LabVIEW and DAC Nov 1 LAB 9-DC motor characterization and control : Application—H-bridge, PWM Nov 8 LAB 10-Stepper motor characterization and control : Application—half/full step Nov 15 LAB 11-Control: Computer interfacing Nov 22 No labs: Thanksgiving week Nov 29 Exam 2 Prerequisites: co-registration in ME 340 or credit from EE331K Grading: 60% Laboratory assignments (pre-labs/labs grades depend on level of difficulty) 40% Exams (2)
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Course Evaluation: MEC form Scholastic dishonesty policy strictly enforced
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ME 140L - Syllabus - UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS Department of...

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