ASE 162M - Lab Schedule - Monday 12:00 PM ­2:00 PM...

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Unformatted text preview: Monday 12:00 PM ­2:00 PM Christopher Olander Taylor Skains Chandler Thorpe Kyle Miller Monday 3:00 PM ­5:00 PM Travis Weaver Christopher Cook Sanghavi Siddharth Mike Moore MaChew Gips Monday 5:00 PM ­7:00 PM Vishnu Jyothindran Jonathan BriC Tarique Rahman Bhavik Mistry Stefan Cich Tuesday 4:30 PM ­6:30 PM Bing Guo Benton Greene David WhiCle Jeff Fierro Shahrin Tina Wednesday 9:00 AM ­11:00 AM Michael Kalb Julian Hernandez Tausiq Ahmed Phillip Sterbenz Wednesday 1:00 PM ­ 3:00 PM David Cholewczynski David Ivy Andrew Pritchard Sean Quillman Thursday 9:30 AM ­11:30 AM John Haywood Andres Perez Daniel Grace Krystal Stewart Thursday 11:30 AM ­1:30 PM Kaylen Short Jansen Jewell Aaron Marshall Kyle Brill Drew Rosecrans Friday 11:30 AM ­ 1:30 PM Vikram Rebello Carl Richardson Adam Christopherson Brad Respndek Friday 1:30 PM ­ 3:30 PM Tim Brown Greg Spruce Machael Nicholson Kevin Hinojosa Barton Starnes ...
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