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ASE 162M - Lab 1 Instructions - standard and the Hornet .22...

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ASE 162M Marr/Fall 2010 Laboratory 1 Free Flight Ballistics Range (*Sept. 7-13, 2009) Instructions Objective: Use the free flight ballistics range to investigate the speed and flowfield of several .22 caliber rifle bullets. The lab will consist of firing five different bullets: Shot Bullet 1 .22 short 2 .22 CB long 3 .22 yellow jacket 4 .22 Hornet 34 gr. 5 .22 Hornet 45 gr. Procedure: 1. Measure the distance, L , between the electro-optical sensors. 2. Fire each of the .22 bullets shown above (shots 1-5). This will require using both the
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Unformatted text preview: standard and the Hornet .22 rifles. Take a shadowgraph of each one and record the time of flight between the sensors. 3. Repeat firings of the .22 CB Long bullets 3 more times. Record the transit time for each but do not take shadowgraphs. IMPORTANT!! Before firing: 1. Make sure the sand back-stop is in place 2. Use ear and eye protection If you have any question or doubt, ask the TA...
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