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Unformatted text preview: xide controls the need to breathe. Shallow water blackout: When freediving, hyperventilating before the dive purges carbon dioxide from our body and delays the stimulus to breathe. Excessive hyperventilation can allow us to use up our oxygen before we know we have to breathe. Shallow water blackout is easy to prevent: Hyperventilating on scuba (stress or exertion): Skip breathing on scuba: Carbon Monoxide & Carbon Monoxide & Contaminated Air Carbon monoxide bonds to hemoglobin more strongly than oxygen. CO levels in pure air are not a problem. Breathing air underwater that is contaminated with CO can be a problem (partial pressure increases with depth). Smoking tobacco greatly increases CO levels. Signs/symptoms/first aid. What to do if you suspect that you air is bad. Oxygen Toxicity Oxygen Toxicity Oxygen can be poisonous at high concentrations. As the partial pressure of oxygen gets above 1.4 to 1.6 atmospheres, oxygen can become toxic. It is not a problem when diving to normal depths and breathing air. Nitrox divers must be aware of the oxygen partial pressure in their breathing gas. Signs/symptoms/treatment/prevention. Nitrogen Narcosis Nitrogen Narcosis Breathing nitrogen under pressure can produce a narcotic effect (“rapture of the deep”­­ Cousteau). Depth of onset varies. Other factors contribute. Susceptibility and effects vary. Signs/symptoms. Dealing with nitrogen narcosis. Nitrogen and “the Bends” Nitrogen and “the Bends” The nitrogen that dissolves in your tissues during a dive is the gas you are concerned about when planning your dives. Ingassing nitrogen: Offgassing nitrogen: Decompression Sickness: Residual Nitrogen Residual Nitrogen Residual nitrogen is the excess nitrogen that is in your body after a dive. Residual nitrogen reduces your maximum dive time for any given depth on your next dive. Think of residual nitrogen as a partially paid­down credit card. Decompression Sickness Decompression Sickness Caused by staying too deep for too l...
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