Basic week_07a-b environment-first aid-review

Basic week_07a-b Environment-First Aid-Review
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Unformatted text preview: 1. WHAT IS THE MAXIMUM DIVE TIME FOR AN 85 FOOT DIVE? A. 25 MINUTES B. 35 MINUTES C. 20 MINUTES D. 22 MINUTES 1. WHAT IS ONES LETTER GROUP AFTER A 72 FOOT DIVE FOR 27 MINUTES? A. D B. E C. F D. G 1. AN H DIVER SPENDS 2:30 ON HER SURFACE INTERVAL. WHAT IS HER LETTER GROUP AT THE END OF HER SIT? A. C B. D C. E D. F 1. WHAT IS THE RNT OF A C DIVER AT THE BEGINNING OF A REPETITVE DIVE TO 75 FEET? A. 15 B. 13 C. 11 D. 22 1. WHAT IS ADJUSTED MAXIMUM DIVE TIME FOR THE SAME C DIVER PLANNING A DIVE TO 75 FEET? A. 22 B. 14 C. 30 D. 13 1. A DDIVER MAKES A 60 FOOT DIVE FOR 15 MINUTES. WHAT IS HIS NEW LETTER GROUP AT THE END OF THE DIVE? A. E B. F C. G D. H 1. DIVE 1: 67 FEET / 35 MINUTES. SIT: 2:00 HOURS. DIVE 2: 50 FEET / 30 MINUTES. WHAT IS FINAL LETTER GROUP? A. G B. H C. I D. J 1. A DIVER MAKING A 100 FOOT DIVE ACCIDENTLY EXCEEDS THE MAXIMUM DIVE TIME BY 10 MINUTES. WHAT DECO STOP IS REQUIRED? A. 15 FT FOR 15 MIN B. 15FT FOR 10 MIN C. 15 FT FOR 5 MIN D. 5 FT FOR 3 MIN 1. NAUI RECOMMENDS A SURFACE INTERVAL OF AT LEAST _________. A. 10 MINUTES B. 1 HOUR C. 2.5 HOURS D. 24 HOURS 1. WHAT IS THE MINIMUM SIT THAT A J DIVER MUST HAVE TO MAKE A REPETITIVE DIVE OF 60 FT FOR 25 MIN? A. 2:21 B. 2:03 C. 2:44 D. 3:04 Diving Environment Physical Characteristics of a Site. Entries and Exits. Water Conditions. Visibility. Moving Water and its Effects Marine Life. Conservation and Diver Impacts. State some of the characteristics of dive sites. Describe types of water movements and how they affect your dive. Describe the different categories of hazardous marine life and how to avoid situations with them. Describe how you can make a positive impact on the environment. Student Performance: By the end of the lesson students will be able to : Physical Characteristics of a Site The characteristics of a site will dictate how you enter and exit the water as well as how you dive. ...
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