E 316K - Syllabus - Spring 2008 ! E 316K: Empire, Identity,...

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Spring 2008 Course Description This course introduces students to British literature from the Middle Ages to the twentieth century. While the reading selections represent a broad range of literary forms and genres, we will focus on a group of themes and how they change through different periods and cultural contexts. Specifically, these themes include women and gender roles, British self- and national identity, imperialism, and religious and politi- cal consciousness. By reading British literature through these lenses, we will see continuities and diver- gences, common concerns and radical differences. We will also seek an understanding of the way self- expression interacts with historical and cultural contexts to produce what we think of as “literature.” Please note that in order to take this course you must have taken E306 (or its equivalent) and completed 27 hours of course work. If you have any questions about your eligibility for the course, see the Head of Lower Division English or the Undergraduate Advisor. Unique Number: 34640-85 Meeting Time: TTH 11-12:30 Meeting Place: WCH 1.120 George S. Christian Office: Calhoun 6 Office Hours; MWF 10-11 or by appointment Email: gschristian@mail.utexas.edu Course Requirements: Weekly reading . Reading assignments for each class are given in the detailed syllabus below. Please come to class prepared to discuss the readings assigned for that class period. Regular participation in discussion sessions . Active participation in the weekly discussion ses- sions is an important part of the final grade in the class (see below). While we will engage in some discus- sion during the large lecture, the discussion sections are vital to understanding the texts and doing well on the exams, so plan to take full advantage of them. Exams . There will be two short-answer essay exams roughly 1/3 and 2/3 of the way through the semester. The exams will include short passages for identification and discussion. Quizzes . There may be periodic short quizzes during the semester to make sure everyone is keep- ing up with the reading. Quiz grades will be part of the overall participation grade. Final exam . There will be a final exam given on the date indicated in the general university schedule. The final will follow the pattern of the two exams given during the semester. Mandatory attendance
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E 316K - Syllabus - Spring 2008 ! E 316K: Empire, Identity,...

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