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THE UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS AT AUSTIN EM 306 Statics Spring 2008 SYLLABUS UNIQUE NUMBERS: 13395, 13400, 13405, 13410, 13415, 13420 TIME: TTh 8:00 – 9:30 am PLACE: PAI 3.02 INSTRUCTOR: Rui Huang WRW 117D, 471-7558, ruihuang@mail.utexas.edu TEACHING ASST.: Chunodkar, Apurva, apurvac@mail.utexas.edu , WRW 414B, 529-5709 Jiao, Rong, jiaorong@mail.utexas.edu , WRW 214, 1-7030 Saudemont, Robin, rsaudemont@mail.utexas.edu , WRW 412A Goetz, Jack, jack.goetz@gmail.com , WRW 412D, 617-0007 Hsu, Ming-chen, jmchsu@mail.utexas.edu , WRW 311, 1-6137 Tran, Han, hantran@mail.utexas.edu , WRW 214, 1-7030 OFFICE HOURS: TTh 11:00 am – 12:30 pm LEARNING OBJECTIVES: To be able to analyze systems of forces and moments using free-body diagrams and to solve problems involving rigid bodies in equilibrium, including basic structure members such as trusses, frames, and beams. TEXT: Engineering Mechanic - Statics , by Meriam and Kraige (sixth ed.) TOPICS: 1. Introduction to basic concepts and conventions (2 lectures) 2. Forces and moments (5) 3. Equilibrium (5) 4. Trusses and frames (5) 5. Center of mass and centroids (2) 6. Area and mass moments of inertia (2) 7. Beams and cables: distributed loads, shear forces and bending moments (5) 8. Friction (2) PREREQUISITES: Credit or registration for Mathematics 408D or 308L, and Physics 303K and 103M
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EM 306 Course Syllabus Spring Semester Unique No.13395/13400/13405/13410/132415/13420 2008 KNOWLEDGE, SKILLS, AND ABILITIES STUDENTS SHOULD HAVE BEFORE ENTERING THIS COURSE: Basic trigonometry, and mechanics portion of college physics KNOWLEDGE, SKILLS, AND ABILITIES STUDENTS GAIN FROM THIS COURSE: Basic principles of equilibrium, analysis of forces and moments in statically determinate structures, free-body diagrams, distributed loads and friction, shear force and bending moment diagrams in beams. IMPACT ON SUBSEQUENT COURSES IN CURRICULUM: The topics of this course are basic engineering subjects that must be understood by anyone concerned with structures and materials. The course is an essential prerequisite for subsequent courses, EM 311 and EM319. ABET CRITERIA 2000 OUTCOMES ACHIEVED: This course contributes to the following EC2000 Criterion 3 outcomes and those specific to the EAC accredited program. Outcome
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