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atmos62_driver_plot - figure(3 plot(h,sos title'Speed of...

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[h,temp,pres,dens,sos] = atmos62_driver(); figure (1) plot (h,temp) title('Temperature vs. Altitude') xlabel('h [ft]') ylabel('Temperature [\circR]') figure (2) plot (h,pres) title('Pressure vs. Altitude') xlabel('h [ft]') ylabel('Pressure [Pa]')
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Unformatted text preview: figure (3) plot (h,sos) title('Speed of Sound vs. Altitude') xlabel('h [ft]') ylabel('Speed of Sound [ft/s]') figure (4) plot (h,dens) title('Denstiy vs. Altitude') xlabel('h [ft]') ylabel('Density [slugs/ft^3]')...
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