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function [] = atmos62_test() f h0 = 0; dh = 10000; hf = 2000000; h = h0:dh:hf; h load('atmosphere.dat') l test_temp(:,1) = atmosphere(:,2); test_pres(:,1) = atmosphere(:,3); test_dens(:,1) = atmosphere(:,4); test_sos(:,1) = atmosphere(:,5); t for i = 1:length(h) [temp,pres,dens,sos] = atmos62(h(i)); d_temp(i) = test_temp(i) - temp; d_pres(i) = test_pres(i) - pres; d_dens(i) = test_dens(i) - dens;
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Unformatted text preview: d_sos(i) = test_sos(i) - sos; end e figure(1) subplot(4,1,1) plot(h,d_temp) xlabel('h [ft]') ylabel('\DeltaT [\circR]') subplot(4,1,2) plot(h,d_pres) xlabel('h [ft]') ylabel('\DeltaP [Pa]') subplot(4,1,3) plot(h,d_dens) xlabel('h [ft]') ylabel('\Delta\rho [slugs/ft^3]') subplot(4,1,4) plot(h,d_sos) xlabel('h [ft]') ylabel('\Deltaa [ft/s]')...
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