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Programming Assignment _1.b

Programming Assignment _1.b - ft such that when finished...

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ASE 167M: Programming Assignment # 1.b The Level Flight Envelope Write a computer program to compute the level flight speeds (low speed and high speed solutions) at 1000 [ ft ] intervals from sea level (0 [ ft ]) to 45000 [ ft ] for an 11000 [ lb ] Lear 23. The program should have the following characteristics: 1 . C D O ( M ) and K ( M ) should be calculated in a subroutine: [C D0 , K] = parabolicdrag(M). 2. Atmospheric properties should be calculated as needed in a subroutine [temp,press,dens,sos] = atmos62(h). (Already done!) 3. F ( V ), your T -D equation, should be calculated in a subroutine [F] = thrust_drag(h,V). 4. The Newton-Raphson procedure should be used to find the roots of F ( V ) = 0. 5. The output should be summarized by a table printed at altitude increments of 3000 [
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Unformatted text preview: ft ], such that, when finished, the table will have 16 rows, and should include: (a) Altitude, h [ ft ] (b) Low Speed Solution, V Low [ ft/s ] (c) High Speed Solution, V High [ ft/s ] (d) Stall Speed, V Stall [ ft/s ] (e) Dynamic Pressure Speed, V QMax [ ft/s ] (f) Maximum Mach Number Speed, V MMax [ ft/s ] 6. Plot the low speed and high speed solutions on a plot of altitude vs. velocity. Add the dynamic pressure limit, the Mach number limit, and the stall limit curves to your plot to produce a flight envelope for the 11000 [ lb ] Lear Jet. Add a ceiling of h Max = 40000 [ ft ] to your flight envelope. As an added level of sophistication, use the fill command in MATLAB to automate the process of ¯lling the level flight envelope....
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