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ASE 167M - Computer Assignment Format - Computer Assignment...

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Computer Assignment Format The format described below should be followed in preparing computer assignments. 1. Title Page The title page must include the authors’ and TA’s names, the subject of the presentation, the organi- zation (ie, course and department) and the date that the presentation is submitted. 2. Identification (5 pts) (a) Program Title (b) Programmers’ Names (c) Date (d) Computer Requirements: operating system, language, etc. .. 3. Purpose of the Program (10 pts) This section should be a brief but complete statement of the problem being solved and the method used to accomplish the solution. It should include address the practical value of writing the program and solving the posed problem. 4. Mathematical Technique (20 pts) This section should provide a detailed description of the mathematical techniques used in the programm including references to any source where accompanying detailed description can be found (don’t forget page numbers). This is the place to develop or derive your own equations which are used in the
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