ASE 167M - Lab 2 - ASE 167M Lab#2 The Use of Trim Drew...

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ASE 167M Lab #2: The Use of Trim Drew Rosecrans March 3, 2010 Abstract The main goal of this lab was to become more familiar with the trim controls of the airplane. Trim controls were used to maintain a “hands off” type of flight, where the velocity was attempted to remain constant while the plane was either ascending or descending. A trend was noticed between that rate of climb and the airspeed of the airplane when the manifold pressure was kept constant. As the airspeed decreased while using the trim control to go into a climb the rate of climb increased. 1 Objectives 1. Explain in writing the purpose and operation of the aircraft elevator trim tab and cockpit trim control. 2. Trim the simulator and maintain a “hands off" stabilized airspeed within 5 mph or knots of a pre- specified airspeed. 3. Trim the simulator for level flight at a pre-specified airspeed, Vspec . The resultant flight conditions should be such that V = Vspec ± 5 mph (or knots ) and R/C = 0 ± 100 ft/min . 2 Discussion The need for trim tabs is simple, it makes flying simpler. Anything that makes flying an airplane simpler is useful because it is a difficult task to fly an airplane. Trim tabs can be put on all control surfaces of the airplane. Commercial planes usually have trim controls on all of the control surfaces. On small airplanes trim tabs are usually only found on the elevators. This allows the pilot to maintain a steady rate of climb without input on the yoke, whether that it is level flight, constant descent, or constant ascent. It requires different angles of trim tab deflection to maintain these constant rates of climb at different airspeeds. Maintaining level flight without any input on the yoke is especially helpful to a pilot because there are
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ASE 167M - Lab 2 - ASE 167M Lab#2 The Use of Trim Drew...

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