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ASE 167M - Lab 6 Data - title'Stall Speed vs Bank Angle t...

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x = -60:.1:60; y = 1./cos(x*pi/180); figure (1) plot (x,y) xlabel('Bank Angle (degrees)') ylabel('Load Factor') title('Load Factor vs. Bank Angle') t W = 1600; Cl = 1.7; S = 169; rho = 0.002377; V = 0.5925 * sqrt(W./(0.5*Cl*rho*S*cos(x*pi/180))); figure (2) plot (x,V) xlabel('Bank Angle (degrees)') ylabel('Stall Speed (knots)')
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Unformatted text preview: title('Stall Speed vs. Bank Angle') t Vi = 60:.2:180; nmax = 3.6; g = 32.2; R = (Vi*1.4666666667).^2./(g*sqrt(nmax^2-1)); figure (3) plot (Vi, R) xlabel('Airspeed (mph)') ylabel('Minimum Turn Radius (ft)') title('Airspeed vs. Minimum Turn Radius')...
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