ASE 167M - Sample Quiz 2

ASE 167M - Sample Quiz 2 - Name: ASE 167M: Final Quiz -...

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Unformatted text preview: Name: ASE 167M: Final Quiz - Fall 2007 Kyle DeMars 3 December 2007 You may use a pencil, one 8 . 5 11 sheet of handwritten notes, and a calculator. No backpacks, phones, or other materials may be used or present at your testing area. All nonrelevant materials should be placed at the front of the room. When finished, staple your work to these pages with your notes sheet at the back. SHOW ALL OF YOUR WORK The new flight simulator acquired by the department simulates the Piper Malibu aircraft. Suppose you were hired as a flight test engineer by the department in order to model this aircraft. Given the following information from the manufacturer, answer all of the following questions (use the data when it applies). Parameter Value C D . 025 K . 047 C L max 1 . 75 S W 112000 [ ft 2 ] T max 317 , 000 [ lb ] W 975 , 000 [ lb ] sl 2 . 3769 10- 3 [ lb s 2 ft 4 ] 10 , 000 ft 1 . 7553 10- 3 [ lb s 2 ft 4 ] It may also be of benefit to recall that 1 [ knot ] = 1 . 68781 [ ft s ]. 1. (15 pts.) For the next statements, answer either True or False. You do not need to justify your answer. (a) Quaternions offer an unconstrained method of representing attitude while Euler angles are always subject to a unit norm constraint. (b) Autorotation stall, inverted spin, and flat spin are all types of spin, which is an aggravated stall condition. (c) The NewtonRaphson Iteration method for finding the roots of a function is based on a Taylor Series Expansion about the estimated root. (d) Assuming the 1962 Standard Atmosphere model to be the truth, the density can be determined solely based on knowledge of the local air temperature....
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ASE 167M - Sample Quiz 2 - Name: ASE 167M: Final Quiz -...

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