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Unformatted text preview: Problem Set 1 ASE 362K Clemens / Spring 2010 Due date : Wednesday, Feb. 3 Always draw a control mass or control volume. Always state your assumptions. Be neat and describe your steps in words. Assume the air is a CPG in all cases. Problem 1 . Consider a tank of pressurized air. The tank has a volume of 1 m 3 and the initial pressure and temperature of the air is 10 atm and 300 K, respectively. At a certain time a valve is opened and air is allowed to escape from the tank. The air escapes at the constant rate of 0.05 kg/s. As the tank depressurizes, the air inside undergoes what is approximately an isentropic process (provided the blowdown occurs rapidly enough that there is no heat transfer to the gas). Use conservation of mass and isentropic relations to determine the temperature and pressure in the tank after 20 seconds. Problem 2. We have two identical vessels of volume V filled with air at the same initial conditions. An amount Q [J] of heat is added to each vessel. In one case the heat is added slowly conditions....
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