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ASE 362K Problem Set #2 Clemens / Spring 2010 Due: Wednesday, Feb. 10 Problem 1. Consider a turbojet engine whose exit Mach number is subsonic under all conditions. For a subsonic jet, the exit pressure is equal to the ambient pressure (i.e., P e =P ). (a) You are to determine the thrust produced by the engine sitting on a test stand in quiescent air. The exit velocity, mass flow rate and density are as shown in the figure. Think carefully about what is the best control volume to use. (b) Now consider the case where the engine is tested in a windtunnel as shown below. The compressor cannot accomodate all of the mass flow rate that can be delivered into the diffuser area and so some of the inlet air “spills over” the outside of the diffuser. The air that enters the diffuser is shown by the “pre-entry
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Unformatted text preview: streamtube. For this case determine the force on the thrust stand. Problem 2. ( i ) Start with the thermodynamic definition of the speed of sound for a general fluid, = , and derive a relation for the speed of sound of a calorically perfect gas. ( ii ) In the old days some thought acoustic wave propation could be modeled as an isothermal process (rather than isentropic process). Derive the speed of sound for this isothermal case. Problem 3. Anderson Prob. 1.7 F R ? m & U e , e P atm , comp- ressor diffuser comb- ustion chamber turbine nozzle F R ? m & U e , e , U , P atm comp- ressor diffuser comb- ustion chamber turbine nozzle Pre-entry streamtube...
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