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ASE 362K Problem Set 6 Clemens / Spring 2010 Due: Wednesday, March 31 Problem 1. Anderson Prob. 4.6 Problem 2. Anderson Prob. 4.10 Problem 3. Anderson Prob. 4.11 Problem 4. Anderson Prob. 4.12 Problem 5. Anderson Prob. 4.16 Problem 6. In a ‘mixed-compression’ supersonic aircraft inlet, the flow is decelerated to subsonic velocities through a series of oblique shocks followed by a terminating
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Unformatted text preview: normal shock. What is P 04 /P 01 ? Compare this result to that using a single normal shock at Mach 3. Comment on your results. Note that in actual inlets, such as the SR-71 shown, the shock system is more complex as it involves several reflecting oblique shocks followed by the terminating normal shock. M 1 =3 15 o 1 2 3 4 30 o...
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