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Homework 2 1. Problem 2.4 in the textbook. This problem is an extension of Problem 1.13 from the last homework set. 2. Problem 2.8 in the textbook. This problem requires you to linearize the equation of motion you derived for Problem 1.8. Your final result should be the radian natural frequency as a function of R . 3. Problem 2.15 in the textbook. For the system of Problem 1.12 you’ll need
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Unformatted text preview: to think back to springs in parallel and in series. 4. Problem 2.19 in the textbook. The damping factor and natural frequency you determine should be in terms of the parameters of the system ( m, c, k, R, etc.). 5. Problem 2.22 in the textbook. 6. Problem 2.24 in the textbook. 7. Problem 2.27 in the textbook. You will probably want to use Matlab for this....
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