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Geotechnical Earthquake Engineering

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CEE611 – Earthquake Engineering Winter Semester 2007-2008 Homework #1 (Due February 6, 2008) Introduction to Earthquake Engineering 1. In class, we have spent much time discussing the occurrence of major earthquakes that occur along the boundaries of plates (e.g. western U.S. is defined by an active subduction zone). However, there are many examples of earthquakes that have struck the United States that are intra-plate earthquakes. In other words, they occur within the North American Plate and not at the plate boundary. Due to their rarity, these earthquakes are not as widely studied as those occurring along plate boundaries. Please discuss (1-page each single-space typed), the following two intra-plate earthquakes that have occurred in U.S. history: a. New Madrid Earthquake (1811-1812) b. Charlestown (South Carolina) Earthquake (1892) For each of these earthquakes, please consider the following information: ± Fault rupture details including location, type, geometries ± Intensity measures defining the earthquake ± Locations greatly affected by the earthquake ± Estimated damage incurred and the number of fatalities ± Details as to the readiness of these areas if a similar quake occurred today
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Homework1 - CEE611 Earthquake Engineering Winter Semester...

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