ASE367K Final1 2 Tests, Part of Key

ASE367K Final1 2 Tests, Part of Key - ASE 367K Final Exam...

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Unformatted text preview: ASE 367K Final Exam Closed Book ~c;.; s.~ 1. (45 ptS) Consider the constant-altitude cruise of the ideal sifbsonicairplane. a. (10) Draw a free-body diagram of an airplane in constant-altitude flight, and show the coordinate systems. angles. and forces. b. (15) Starting from the definitions of velocity. acceleration. and fuel weight flow rate and from Newton' s second law. derive the equations of motion for nonsteady constant-altitude flight. / c. (5) How many mathematicaldegreesof freedomdo the equationsof Part b have? ,d. (15) For the ideal subsonic airplane flying at constant speed. how much fuel is ~ required to fly a given distance? ~ ptS) Consider the quasi-steady. constant-altitude turn of an ideal subsonic airplane at constant power setting. The dynamic equations of motion are given by 2KL2 0= T(h.P)-tCDoP SwV2- 0= LcosJl- W f) Z=(gLsinJl)/WV-; where X is the heading angle and J.L is the bank angle. AsSUI:lethat the weight is constant during the turn. a. (5) How many degrees.of freedom do these equations have? ~b~12Q1--.Erid the velocity which should be flown to turn from one heading angle to anotherin minimumtime. . 3. (30 ptS) Using words, fonnulas. and/or figures. define the following items. ./ a. 6-DOF'equations-ofmotion v'b. quasi-steady-flight ~~s~o~ ve. specifie-excess .power vi. stal1-speed. 4. comer speed h. mean~erody:namic chord i.-drc1g , , j.-statiGstabilitv ~ Anaircraft.isflyingat .cf = 0.3 and M = 0.7 hasthe followingthrustand ..,'-. . aerodynamIc charactenstics: I , CD = 0.02 t. 2.0a2~ I (... '0< "'< CL = 0.1 + 6.0a + O.50E C~=-0.1 C~= 0.09+ 6.0(Xc,-0.5)a-l.OoE where all angles are in radians.where all angles are in radians....
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ASE367K Final1 2 Tests, Part of Key - ASE 367K Final Exam...

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