Jordan Cooper Pre Write #2

Jordan Cooper Pre Write #2 - 9 Classic learning environment...

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Jordan Cooper Assignment #2 Pre-Write 1. New technology and media have affected youth culture 2. There are more extensive studies on this topic done by the MacArthur Foundation 3. Social networks keep people in constant communication with people from familiar contexts 4. Online allows people to explore interests and find people with similar interests 5. Self-motivated learning helps people develop new skills 6. Socially acceptable and is contrary to age=experience 7. Peer-learning and lets kids have a sense of freedom 8. Youth change noticed by elders in positions of power
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Unformatted text preview: 9. Classic learning environment is changing to be more technology based 10. Adults must develop technology skills in order to stay up to date with changing standards 11. Tech savvy adults are helping to close the gap with today’s youth 12.Integrating technology into the modern classroom • Technology has drastically changed the learning environment • Everyone involved in education and the work place • New media/technology has altered how kids grow up and learn...
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Jordan Cooper Pre Write #2 - 9 Classic learning environment...

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